I am completely humbled and overwhelmed by the response to my IJM Uganda blog, which I labor-of-lovingly managed and updated over the past 2 years. So many people  expressed their interest, support, and encouragement regarding my posts.

I shared these sentiments about blogging on my UG blog:

  • There is plenty of literature shining a negative light on Africa & her people – I hope this blog acts as a hopeful testament to the human spirit – what one American woman is learning as she attempts to free herself of prejudice, assumptions, & West-is-best tunnel vision (& much other me-specific baggage); what social change is being effected in Gulu by organizations like IJM; what universalities we all share; what challenges make or break us; what our every day choice is: to be open, to be honest, to be vulnerable, to work hard, to take the good with the bad & move on without regret, to stand by our friends, to speak up for the voiceless, to lend a helping hand or kind word, to know who we are. May God give you the strength to pursue perseverance, character, & hope in whichever city, country, job, relationship, stage of life, struggle, triumph, or moment you find yourself in. (Click here for full post).
  • I always leaned toward the notion that blogging can sometimes be nauseatingly self-induldgent; thus, I’ve shied away from it in the past. This time around, I choose to look it at as learning a new skill, that by committing to this form of reflection, I will learn something in the process and hopefully give my supporters and encouragers from all around the world a reason to be glad they’ve come alongside me. However, as my time in Gulu became just ordinary life (after all, once work/routine catches up, anywhere becomes “the usual”), one of my new friends was going through the same emotions. His blog post sums up my feelings almost perfectly. Here’s to the beautiful ordinary. (Click here for full post).

I still feel this way… and decided to continue blogging for a few reasons:

1) Connection — I value connecting with other people and am so thankful for people who cross my path. I hope that through sharing and updating regularly, those that would like to be involved in what I’m doing are able to do so. I have been blessed with the ability to travel near and far and make several friendships that continue mostly only in the virtual/online world. Hopefully this allows those relationships to grow.

2) Vulnerability — Sharing, especially my writing, is uncomfortable. Scary, even. I am creating content and voluntarily putting it out there to be critiqued. Sharing is also beautiful. I hope my words can speak to you and relate to you in some way.

3) Processing — Writing allows me to process my experiences, emotions and thoughts in a coherent, tangible way. It allows me to have something to look back on. It helps me learn a way forward.

I can’t promise what exactly the content and schedule of these postings will be — all I know is that I’m inviting those that would like to join to come along for the ride.

Thank you for reading.




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