The Chosen Ones

“They are the chosen ones who have surrendered.” – Rumi

Love is free from fear. Love is free from control. Love is trusting. Love is putting the other first. Love is selflessness. Love is present even when disagreement occurs. Love is freedom. Love is surrender.

To my parents, to my family, to my closest friends and confidants, to my chosen ones — who love me in the truest, deepest, most freeing and empowering way. Who let me go far and away to lands often unknown and unexplored by them, unfamiliar and unclear. Who support me and always welcome me home. I am grateful.

I am happy to be… Happy to be leaving, happy to be returning, happy to be learning, happy to be approaching more time spent in Uganda, a place/with people I so deeply enjoy.

But — I am torn. I am forever indebted to the ones I leave behind, to the ones that let me leave them behind. They don’t hang on in bitterness or resentment that I’ve left, angered when I return and still need them. They don’t envy my following of dreams. They let me go. They’ve surrendered.


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