Nyege Nyege

Read along for a quick update of my life these days!

  • The title of this post comes from the name of a big music festival happening here in Jinja next weekend. “Nyege” means: the feeling of a sudden uncontrollable urge to move, shake, or dance. We’re all getting excited for the fun this event will bring to our town!
  • Next weekend, I’ll be attending a friend’s wedding, too. So it’ll be a busy one.
  • Just returned from spending Uganda’s 53rd Independence weekend in Sipi Falls. Third time to reach there and still not tired of the views. How could you be?
  • I’ve decided to go back to school! By the time I start, it will have been 3 years off, which I’m hoping will prove a good amount of time. Definitely going to soak up these last few months of freedom. So many pros and cons went into my decision making and I’d be happy to talk your ear off if you’re in the application/decision process (or will be soon).
  • Speaking of grad school — I need help paying for it! Check out my fundraising campaign here. Know anyone who wants to sponsor me?!
  • 2015 has been going SO FAST. I’ll blink and it’ll be Christmas. Want some Akola jewelry as holidays approach? Shop here.
  • Work is going well. Akola is in an exciting period of growth right now, which means many of our programs are in the pilot phase or close to it. So we’re putting a lot of energy into measuring and evaluating the impact of said programs. I’m excited to be assisting the M&E team in the next few weeks as there’s a big data push for end-of-year reporting. Lots of other projects keeping me busy!
  • I find myself gone more weekends than not these days for work or personal reasons. However, I always try and rush to make it back for our 4:30 Sunday volleyball crew. It’s a good bunch of people who play pretty competitively.
  • Still been hitting the gym, especially as a I prepare to participate in the Kyaninga Triathlon the end of this month… pray for me.
  • Friend exodus occurring this month… as I’m a few months past the 2 year mark of my initial arrival in Uganda, it’s not surprising, but still sad. 3 of my close international friends who still were around Uganda from my Gulu days are all heading back to the US/UK.

That’s all for now… enjoy the pictures below!




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