God Bless Uganda

God Bless Uganda
Gracefully she guides me
To things beyond myself

Physical needs are many
But spiritual ones are few
People here know how to love and give like You

God Bless Uganda
Painful and profound
Often darkness threatens
To steal
The joy her light has shared

But with gracious love and learning
We prevail.

Children smiling, women dancing, men joining hands

Every day I wake to her and remember
To give a chance–
To those around me
To those not like me
To those that need me

To me,
To her.

I give and grow and all I know is
She helps me now, to stand.
Tall and sure
In all I know,
And all I don’t.

Red dirt and hot sun
Remnants of a day well done
This place remains in me forever
Truly living

With bright hearts and minds around
No problem is too big
We join
To give the world

A future,
And sound.

God Bless Uganda


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