Hello Faithful Followers!

First please watch this awesome video about Akola Dallas.

I last wrote with an update on my Zanzibar, Kenya, and TZ travels. Today I am elated to give a brief recap of March, which held so much happiness my heart could burst. Taylor Daye Havins, aka my best friend and forever roomie, graced Uganda with her presence. We danced. We made friends. We journeyed far and wide. We ate local food. We danced. We fed children at a refugee camp. We hiked. WE DANCED, most importantly.

Taylor arrived on a Monday evening in Jinja. Tuesday she relaxed and shopped around town. Wednesday she joined me at work in the morning and I got to drive us out to the village to see Akola’s center there. Thursday she went rafting in the Nile and I joined for a night in Bujagali celebrating Bliss’ birthday. Friday we journeyed to Kampala and had another great night out. Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday we spent in Gulu – where we bathed in buckets and sent the boda to fetch water for us! All of town was out of piped water. Wed and Thurs we were in Queen Elizabeth National Park where we saw a LEOPARD! I was so excited.

Friday saw the departure of Taylor and arrival of Allison, a new staff member at Akola, and my new supervisor, specifically! Excited for the change and challenge of yet another transition. My life seems to be filled with them but they’re refining, and always offer an opportunity to grow.

Getting up to Gulu is so good for my soul. It feels like it will always be a home of mine. I’ve calculated I’ve gone 5 times in 9 months, which is about every other month. Keeps my head on my shoulders to see where I’ve come from. As weird as that sounds, but 3 years is a long time per Uganda transient expatriate standards… My next trip will be in May for a dear friend’s wedding. Cannot. Wait.

School is a’comin. Less than one month. Keep posted to see how I manage a busy job + online master’s + life in UG. Warning: may not be pretty.

My parents are currently in Shanghai with Logan right now. Which I’m not jealous about at all.

Enjoying life and relishing in my last free weeks with no school. I’m writing from Kampala where I am about to send off a great friend after 4 years in Gulu… knowing I arrived only 1 year behind him is quite surreal!

Sending love and light from Uganda to wherever you find yourself.

xo LB



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