June Journeys

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted (end of March?!) and I wanted to sit and write a quick update for all of you that want to hear how I’ve been doing.

  1. I am IMMENSELY GRATEFUL for how God has provided work, friends, challenges, opportunities, support, and learning at exactly the times I need it. I have been consistently reminded as I share with new and old friends parts of my story — God has it all worked out even when you don’t feel it at the time. Focusing on the present and contentment has been a HUGE part of my journey and something I am still learning how to fine-tune every day. As I reflect on the last year it’s one of my biggest thematic areas.
  2. Grad school is in full swing (I sat down now to do some studying but decided to blog instead… :)). It’s going well and I’m surprised by how much I like the online delivery. I am in an awesome program and on this journey with people from/working all over the world. Truly diverse and inspiring.
  3. Work is absolutely crazy right now. But all good things. We’re working hard at Akola on a big deal in the works… stay tuned for more this fall! I recently traveled to Ghana and Kenya for work and I don’t even know how many hours I put in on that trip… I’m so grateful to have supporting, encouraging teammates and superiors who trust and believe in me. My first time in W Africa was great; I need to go back when I can spend a bit of leisure time!
  4. TRIP TO USA TOMORROW. About 3 weeks off traveling around visiting friends and family. Please hit me up if you can connect this month. 🙂
  5. Find pics below!

xo, LB




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