Mama Bajaj

*title derived from my latest nickname. Bajaj = the make of my motorcycle.

Hello Faithful Reader(s?),

Greetings from the BRAND NEW JAVA HOUSE Jinja. My online grad student self is rejoicing to the heavens. Sorry I haven’t posted in a while… this year I’ve strayed a bit from my post-at-least-once-a-month goal (keep up with me on Insta or FB for more real-time updates). But it’s because I’ve BEEN BUSY!! Read along for an update of my past several months. (I dumped a bunch of pics on FB recently so check em out!).

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June found me journeying near and far across the USA. I got to go home for a few weeks of leave. Had a fun weekend in Austin, some down time in DFW, a weekend visiting Logan in Malibu/LA, and then a quick stop in NY on my way out.


If you know me, you know July means MY BIRTHDAY! I had such a great time running around Jinja with some special friends in town. I also was getting back in the groove of Jinja life as May and June were so busy — I was gone traveling for work or personal for about 5ish weeks total. Continue reading