Mama Bajaj

*title derived from my latest nickname. Bajaj = the make of my motorcycle.

Hello Faithful Reader(s?),

Greetings from the BRAND NEW JAVA HOUSE Jinja. My online grad student self is rejoicing to the heavens. Sorry I haven’t posted in a while… this year I’ve strayed a bit from my post-at-least-once-a-month goal (keep up with me on Insta or FB for more real-time updates). But it’s because I’ve BEEN BUSY!! Read along for an update of my past several months. (I dumped a bunch of pics on FB recently so check em out!).

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June found me journeying near and far across the USA. I got to go home for a few weeks of leave. Had a fun weekend in Austin, some down time in DFW, a weekend visiting Logan in Malibu/LA, and then a quick stop in NY on my way out.


If you know me, you know July means MY BIRTHDAY! I had such a great time running around Jinja with some special friends in town. I also was getting back in the groove of Jinja life as May and June were so busy — I was gone traveling for work or personal for about 5ish weeks total.


We officially launched Neiman’s and have some more exciting things brewing. Most interesting in my role is the growth of our internal material production program — we currently produce paper and cowhorn components, and are working toward bone and some other materials. Oh, and I’m sticking around Jinja a while longer [which at this point probably doesn’t surprise you :)]. Those of you who have yet to visit me (you know who you are): see you in 2017!!!


It was a BEAST to crank out my first class, especially considering how hectic my schedule was + getting back in the school groove after years away. Thankfully I got a good mark, which was very encouraging. My next class starts tomorrow! I’m one step closer to being a master!


Mattie came to Uganda in September. We had a few days of Jinja frolicking, then headed out for some glamping at Wildwaters Lodge and Sipi River Lodge. Always so great to get away. Uganda is so gorgeous. Nothing makes me feel more loved than a visitor (especially from so far away).


The same day Mattie flew, I also boarded a flight to the Netherlands. I so enjoyed my first time back in Europe since I left in 2011 (?!). I will never again betray that beautiful continent for so long. I ate all the cheese and absorbed some great art and culture. The Dutch have it all figured out.


Looking forward to attending Impact Business Leaders’ program in Nairobi the first week of December…


…Then I’m off to Texas for Christmas! Land the 13th. Hope to see you there. 🙂

Thanks for the read and the love. Sending a hug from sunny UG to wherever you are.




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