Happy 2017!

Hello There,

Can you even believe it’s 2017?! Already Feb… Last I wrote was in early October (oopsie)… so I think I should start there! (sorry, no photos this time).


I had a crazy last full month in Jinja, working on school, with USA Akola staff visiting, and preparing for a month away. I did manage to sneak in a quick Thanksgiving trip to Lake Bunyonyi, which was even better the second time around. In Nov I also learned of my status as a Rotary Global Scholar. So grateful for the support of Rotary International, my sponsor club (HEB) and host club (Jinja) as I work on my master’s!


Had an amazing week at Impact Business Leaders Nairobi, then was off to TX for a few weeks’ holiday and catch up with friends and fam. Going home is always a uniquely perfect blessing. Texas’ open arms are always what I need.


The whole world felt chaotic in January. Hit the ground running back in office on 2 Jan, after spending NYE in a Dubai hotel, reflecting on 2016 and all the pain and joys and lessons in my year. Quickly production and procurement was on the move… the past month was a BLUR of work. Had a big paper due the first week of Jan and then after a quick two week break, started another class up. I did sneak in some fun Bujagali times but generally found it difficult to gain a sense of calm in the midst of everything.

Cheers to a bit more breathing room this month, taking care of ourselves and each other, and trusting the good that’s to come. Keep up the fight wherever you are — I know this year feels especially poignant and profound, doesn’t it?

Things I’m looking forward to…
My assistant’s arrival (YAY)
Logan visit (!!!)
Potential Easter getaway?
Continued learning at University of York and Akola
Whatever God has in store this year!

Thank you for reading, wherever you are!




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