April & May ’17


It’s been a while since I last wrote to you… so much has gone on!

Awesome things have happened:

  • Trip to South Africa — time spent in Joburg, Pretoria, and a road trip to the Drakensberg where we stayed at the best lodge
  • Seeing Beau, Lauren, and Henry! Some USA friends from back in my 2013-4 Gulu days
  • First round Rotary scholarship reporting complete (WOO!)
  • Seeing Diplo
  • First year of grad school complete (!!!)
  • Volunteering with Kapadia — a USA foundation that offers university scholarships to students all over the world. I’ve been getting to meet with some students and it’s really inspiring to see 1) what they’ve overcome and 2) how they want to give back to their communities.
  • Kannagara — a personal development workshop I’m attending. I embarked on this 4 week journey last Sunday and am already amazed at the results I’ve seen.
  • Work humming along at a more manageable pace lately for all of us [though that’s subject to change as usual ;)]
  • Exciting growth at Akola! New staff, new roles, new Jinja office soon where I will move with the Cowhorn workshop
  • Pepperdine visiting Akola — got to host some Pepperdine E Africa study abroad participants and share about Akola and my work/journey in Uganda.

And some less awesome:

  • Saying “see ya later” to some of the expat friends in UG I’ve known the longest
  • Dead bird in my water tank causing all my water to reek of death….?!
  • Bed bugs……………..
  • Second iPhone theft since living in UG
  • Growing pains associated with above-mentioned growth (both personally and at work!)

What are you up to? Drop me a line anytime.

With love,


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