Help me do what is mine to do

“Once we can accept that God is in all situations, and that God can and will use even bad situations for good, then everything and everywhere becomes an occasion for good and an encounter with God.”

^Title and quote taken from this past week’s Richard Rohr meditation. I’ve been deeply contemplating change, transition, control, letting go, and actively seeking to embrace more trust, grace, and “que sera sera” in my life, lately.

I’ve repeatedly returned to this phrase – “help me do what is mine to do” – and find it anchors me to the present and what is set before me, whether it be a pleasant task or not. We often know in our spirits what is “ours to do”: have a hard conversation; fulfill a commitment; send someone love and encouragement; apologize; set boundaries to honor and protect ourselves; work to complete a task at our jobs; show up; make an impact.

If we only we had the courage to always do it, and do it well.


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